Slowest race ever (but I’m not complaining)

So I’m going to keep this short and sweet. One reason is because I’ve always had more physical than mental energy in the summer months. For some reason, it’s a struggle to sit down and do any kind of writing. But I know you readers want an update!

First of all, the race. I ran the Steamboat Classic, a 4 miler in Peoria, IL in 26:51. My splits were 6:40, 6:45, 6:55, and 6:25. It’s a fast out-and-back course.  It starts on a slight uphill, and the final quarter mile, which is very near the start line, is all downhill. I estimate it is 10-15 seconds faster than a flat course.  It was, without a doubt, my slowest race ever.

The winner was Moses Kipkosgel, who ran it in 18:19. Of course, I didn’t feel like I moses kipkogelcompeting with him, but it was a strange race because I didn’t really feel like I was competing with anyone. Now I know it’s all relative, that running is about setting personal goals, going as fast as one is able, no matter what the competition. True. But when I race, or at least when I used to, I’d race other people, find a pack, stalk a runner, outkick another. All my best times have come on days I’ve been racing other people.

When the Steamboat started, I assumed it would be more of the same. I knew I’d be slower, but that just meant I’d be competing with slower runners. But instead I just kind of ran it. I put out a good effort, but it wasn’t the blood-and-guts ride-the-line stuff I expected. Maybe it’s just having been away from it for so long, maybe the fear of going too hard and falling apart, but I almost felt like I was observing the race, instead of participating in it.

unplugged I haven’t taken Prozac or any other drug like that, but I know it’s been described by some as being “unplugged.” That’s a pretty accurate description of how I felt. In the beginning I noted other runners but didn’t feel compelled to stick with any that passed me. I did pass a small pack between miles 2 and 3, but then when another runner passed me, I didn’t care. As I made the final turn and saw the Finish banner, the race announcer was shouting that a 10 year old had just crossed the line. A 10 year kid had beaten me! That would have been hard to swallow in the past, but it was all just “c’est la vie.” Whatever.  I was more interested in finding my son to see how much he’d beaten me by (4 minutes, impressive!), to go back and watch my lovely perfect wife and my other son finish their races (she ran pretty well and it was his first run in months–also impressive).

Now I’ve already said that I’m not complaining and I’m not, I’m just reporting that I ran slowly and wasn’t real engaged. If this keeps up, if this is my future of racing, then I might complain. Because I’ll miss the racing. But enough about that. I’ve got plans to get faster and I’ve set a goal to run a much better race at Al’s Run, an 8K in Milwaukee in September. 30 minutes or bust! (well, at I hope I can at least get close to that).

Meanwhile, anyone who has read this blog with any regularity has surely noticed by now that there is something missing: I haven’t mentioned my damaged, injured knee at all yet. That’s because it feels great. I really mean that, it is 90% good, and on the times it’s not, it’s just a minor ache, nothing excruciating or debilitating. So the rest of this post is just going to be about how this has happened. What did I do? Where did the pain go?
Over the last 2 ½ years, I’ve tried everything I could to improve my knee. Here’s what I’m doing right now:

–Still enjoying the benefits of the cortisone shot I got in March (don’t know when or if I’ll need another, but this surely worked for me)
–Wearing my donjoy oa nano knee brace for every run
–Wearing my thick, soft Hoka One One shoes for all of my road runs
–Taking 500mg krill oil capsule daily (anti-inflammatory)
–Taking 4 720 mg capsules of turmeric daily (anti-inflammatory)
–Taking 1 capsule of Glucosamine/Chondroitin daily
–Taking 1 capsule of Hyaluronic Acid with Chondroitin daily
–Using my newest gadget, the Acuknee, at least 30 minutes a day

The only thing new since my last post is the Acuknee, a battery operated device that shoots electrical impulses into my knee and somehow reduces inflammation. I don’t know if that’s the key or not. Maybe it is. The scientific way to determine what is helping the most would be to use only one remedy at a time and see what happens. But there is no way I am going to do that and risk losing the momentum I’ve built up. And I figure none of these have any negative side effects, so why not keep doing it all?

I got the Acuknee because, well, I was scheduled to go see my doctor in May for a acuknee imagefollow-up appointment two months after my cortisone shot. But my knee was feeling pretty good, so I was sure he was just going to say, “Okay, great. Come back if it starts to get worse.” So I figured for about the same price as a doctor’s visit, I could get the Acuknee, and if it didn’t help, well, I was no worse off. I found out about it when an Acuknee ad came up on my facebook page. It’s surely because I was regularly searching for knee pain solutions on the internet. I was skeptical when I bought it (but also desperate, of course) but I really do think it’s helping. As the ad says, “Nothing to lose but the pain.”



Did I say I was going to keep this short and sweet? Well, I didn’t lie about that; I was just wrong. But I’ll finish up now. For interested readers, here is my training log the 4 weeks leading up to the race (if you read it, you’ll see I’ve had some issues with dizziness and vertigo the last couple weeks. This has gotten better but I’m still feeling it a bit. Not sure if it is affecting the quality of my workouts, but my doctor said it should pass, hopefully soon.  If not, well, you’ll hear about it.) (Whoa, it just occurred to me that maybe the Acuknee is causing this.  I don’t think so, I’ve had it longer than I’ve had the dizzinness, but if that’s the case, hmm, will I take some dizziness for a good knee?).

I’ll post more over the summer (I’ve got 3 open-water races and 2 triathlons planned, but no running races until September). Hopefully, this will be 3 months of good training that will transform me from disinterestedly racing at 6:40 pace to throwing the hammer down at 6:00 or below, but we’ll see…..

May 25-31
M: 4 miles on track, 2 mile wu, 8 200’s in 38/39, mile in 6:36, felt okay (0.5)
T: biked 90 minutes, legs felt pretty good, 17 mph, windy (1.5)
W: 30 minute run pretty good effort (4 miles), biked 75 minutes in evening (1.75)
R: one hour swim, good workout! (1.0)
F: one hour run on bike path, felt good but only ran about 7:30 pace (8 miles) (1.0)
S: 60 minute ride on trainer then 30 minutes Nordictrack (1.5)
S: 6 mile loop in 43:25 (7:07 pace), pretty strong wind on way home, 160 HR average, good effort!

SWIM: 1x/1.0
BIKE: 3x/3.75
CARDIO: 5x/3.25
RUN: 22 miles
TOTAL TIME: 8.0 hours

June 1-7
M: morning workout at school: 20 minutes elliptical then 40 minutes core/weights, Biked 90 minutes in evening, 16.0 mph, felt okay (2.5)
T: one hour swim, decent workout (1.0)
W: mile repeats on bike trail (mostly on the dirt) 6:40, 6:43, 6:30, 6:31, tough workout, maintained good form (7 miles total), biked 90 minute, legs felt pretty good (2.5)
R: swim one hour, felt okay (1.0)
F: 7 miles (including strides and 4 hills, felt tired all day, but decent workout (1.0)
S: early morning bike ride, all intervals, good workout (1.0)
S: 10 miles on Lakefront Trail in 74:40 (37/37:40), tough run, legs tired, windy and warm (1.25)
SWIM: 2x/2.0
BIKE: 3x/4.0
WEIGHTS: 1x/0.75
CARDIO: 4x/3.5
RUN: 24 miles
TOTAL TIME: 10.25 hours

June 8-14
M: 1 hour swim, 3 500’s (pretty slow), 10 50’s at end, hard workout! (1.0)
T: 6 miles on track, 2 wu, mile of strides and drills, 4 600’s in 2:17, 2:14, 2;13, 2:10, 4 400’s in 83, 80, 81, 81, 4 200’s in 38, 36, 35, 34. Body was tired from the start so this was tough (1.0)
W: Biked 30 miles north, steady effort @ 18.1 mph, good ride (1.75)
R: 30 minutes Nordictrack, woke up dizzy, went to doctor, who says it’s an ear issue (0.5)
F: 10 miles on bike trail, felt good, moderate pace, (1.25)
S: day off
S: 8 miles, 3 warmup, 5 Kenwood Hills (av 3;16), 8 strides, felt a little dizzy (hard to focus vision) the first two miles but it went away, good workout (1.0)
SWIM: 1x/1.0
BIKE: 1x/1.75
CARDIO: 4x/5.0
RUN: 24 miles
TOTAL TIME: 7.75 hours

June 15-21
M: 15 minutes recumbent +15 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes core workout (1.0)
T: 5 miles including 10 200’s in 38+ with 30 second rest, then 800 in 2:58, 400 in 80, good workout (woke up with a sore throat) (0.75)
W: biked 3 hours, slow pace but good endurance ride, feeling a little sick (3.0)
R: day off—sick
F: 3 miles easy, felt very heavy, hard to breathe (0.5)
S: Steamboat Classic 26:51 (6:42 average), breathing good, just need more leg speed/strength, 8 ½ miles total (1.0)
S: 6 ½ miles, hot, humid, and hilly, knee feels good (even on 3rd day in a row) (1.0)
BIKE: 1x/3.0
WEIGHTS: 1x/0.5
CARDIO: 4x/3.25
RUN: 23 miles
TOTAL TIME: 6.75 hours