Marching through winter

mapTraining through the Midwestern winter has never been easy, but I know it is essential if I want to be in decent shape when the weather improves. I’m not sure if this winter has been easier or tougher than in the past. In some ways, it’s easier because I’ve only been running three days a week and cross-training the rest. I’ve also been able to do a variety of workouts, indoor and outdoor, speed and distance, so I’m staying mentally fresh. But in other ways it’s tougher because I’m still working my way back into shape and I really don’t have any easy days. On my long runs (of course, they are not really long runs, just 45-60 minutes, but right now for me that is a very long time to keep moving) my pace varies from 7:30 per mile to 8:00 or even a little slower. Common sense would say that slower days are the easy days, but actually the opposite is the case: on those days (like last Sunday, when I tony the fridgefelt like I was carrying an extra 60 pounds) I had to work so hard just to keep moving. My legs felt so heavy, I was breathing so hard, and just felt like I was punching my way forward for the whole 6 miles. However, I am not allowing myself to get frustrated, telling myself to be patient, that I am improving, and that some days I just won’t feel very good. And of course the nice thing about running is, no matter how badly it goes, it’s almost impossible to feel badly about it afterwards. I mean, in my head I might be a little down, thinking: that was some awfully slow running today, painful, and maybe a sign that I won’t be able to get back in shape. But psychologically, emotionally, I feel relaxed, accomplished, optimistic. It’s so easy to forget about how bad it felt and how hard it was once it’s over.

I didn’t really plan this, but I’ve run exactly 16 miles 4 weeks in a row. I haven’t made any sort of deal with myself, but I think I just don’t want to go back down in mileage. I guess I want to go up, but I haven’t been able to do that yet either. I was a little under the weather over the holidays and I’m still being cautious with my knee. I know 16 miles a week is not going to get me far, but it’s still more than I’ve done for the last two years. And I’ve had some good workouts. I ran a 6 miler at right around 7:30 pace and felt okay doing it. I’ve penguin in snowhad a good indoor track workout with my running buddies Tony and Bill and ran some good splits (details below). My knee has not been hurting and I know if I can just keep this up for another 6 weeks it will be March and then I can, well, I was going to say, think about racing, but maybe better to just say, move on to the next phase of my comeback. Sure, sitting here writing this, I feel pretty good, like I could get up and crank out a decent 5K, but I know that my last run I had to knock myself out to just keep moving, slowly, so it will surely be a while, and only if all goes well in the meantime, before my body is ready for racing again. I really shouldn’t even be thinking about that yet. I should just be thinking about…marching on, and so that is what I’ll do.

Dec 22-28
M: swim 1 hour, good workout (1.0)
T: track workout outdoor, 1 mile warmup, strides and drills, 8 300’s in 63, 62, 60, 61, 60, 59, 60, 58, felt okay, 6 laps steady afterwards (5 miles total) then 30 minutes weight/core workout (1.5)beach drive
W: bike 30 minutes, easy spin (0.5)
R: 5 miles, didn’t feel smooth, but knee okay (0.5)
F: swim 30 minutes steady effort, felt okay (0.5)
S: sick
S: 6 miles including 4 Beach Drive Hills (very tough, moving pretty slowly by the top) (0.75)

SWIM: 2x/1.5
BIKE: 1x/0.5
WEIGHTS: 1x/0.5
CARDIO: 3x/2.0
RUN: 16 miles
TOTAL TIME: 4.25 hours

Dec 29-Jan 4
M: Swim 45 minutes, good workout (0.75)
T: Swim 1 hour, good workout (1.0)
W: 6 miles on bike trail in 45 minutes, good effort, core work after (1.0)rocky_4_1985_685x385
R: Swim 1 hour, focused on drills (left arm, rotation, kick) (1.0)
F: 1 hour run (7.5 miles), tough effort, HR 164 average, short swim (1.5)
S: weight/core workout at home (1.0)
S: walk in nature center, then 40 strides through snow on soccer field (2.5 miles), good workout (0.5)

SWIM: 4x/3.25
WEIGHTS: 2x/1.25
CARDIO: 3x/2.25
RUN: 16 miles
TOTAL TIME: 6.75 hours

Jan 5-11
M: Weight/core workout at school, warmup with 15 minutes rowing/recumbent, swim 30 minutes, upper quads sore from snow strides (1.5)
T: Track workout (indoor), warmup with strides, 800: 2:49, 400: 77, 4 200’s: 33, full lap walk for recovery, felt good, 4 miles total, Tri Team swim practice (1.75)kicking
W: easy ride on trainer, 90 minute swim practice (2.0)
R: weights/core at school,with 15 minutes rowing (1.0)
F: 6 mile continuous run at Pettit Center, felt pretty good, HR 162 av, clocked some laps at 7:20/7:25 pace (0.75)
S: Swim practice, lots of kicking, good workout (1.0)
S: 6 mile run, legs heavy! HR 160 av, very tough run (0.75)

SWIM: 4x/4.0
BIKE: 2x/0.75
WEIGHTS: 2x/1.5
CARDIO: 3x/2.75
RUN: 16 miles
TOTAL TIME: 9 hours