Good work! (but lots more to do)

I really couldn’t have asked for a much better week of training. I’d had some good workouts the few weeks before this, but had not strung things together with any sort of consistency. First I was busy with work, and then not feeling so great. But this week I was back to full health, had time every day, and no excuses (even the weather cooperated, as much as it can in December). Of course, it’s one thing to lay out a training plan for the week, but running turtlesomething else to pull it off. Even if circumstances allow, sometimes the body doesn’t want to go. With me, my knee has been the thing holding me back, but sometimes it’s just fatigue, that is, I just get too tired to follow through on my plan. It’s not laziness (I tell myself), just being tired to the point where it’s better to scale back, when it seems the result will be to weaken, not strengthen myself. Luckily, that was not the case this week. Not only did I run 16 miles, my highest total in over 2 years, I did weight/core workouts 3 times (even putting 50 pounds on the barbell for my squats), got in 3 swims, did a little biking, and maintained a good pace on my 2 six-mile runs. I took it out a little too fast on Tuesday and walked a minute at halfway because I felt like I was starting to limp, which, of course, could lead to all sorts of problems. When I run, I’m focusing on maintaining good form, but also staying relaxed. I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but it’s feeling better. And after that short walk, I held together well. I felt good on my Sunday run too, but didn’t time that one because I knew the week would be a grand success if I just completed it (especially after being out late the night before for my sister-in-law’s cocktail-themed birthday party), and I didn’t want to ruin it by getting done and wishing I would have gone faster. A 16 mile week is not anything to Turtle-on-treadmill-819x1024get too excited about, but I wanted to revel in the nonetheless, stretch out on the floor, watch the Packer game, and feel accomplished, which I did.  And my knee? No problems this week. My Physical Therapist watched me run on the treadmill again and said my form was much improved. Much improved. So, there you have it. I almost felt like a runner again last week. And if I can keep this up, well, I suppose it’s better take it one week at a time.….

Weekly totals for Dec 15-21
M: good weight workout at gym, 30 minute swim workout, mostly drills, some fast 50’s at end (1.5)
T: 6 mile route in 46:45 (7:47average), which included a one minute walk at halfway, felt good through 2 ½, hard after that but knee okay. Tri Club swim workout, felt good (1.75)
W: Weight/core workout 1 hour (1.0)
R: 45 minutes on recumbent bike then 30 minute swim—all drills and kicking (1.25)
F: 4 miles including ½ mile at PT, 1 ½ wu on track including strides/drills, 4 800’s in 3:11, 3:08, 3:07, 3:02 (2 minutes recovery) concentrated on good form, felt pretty good, weight/core workout 30 minutes (1.25)
S: swim 1 hour, mostly drills, good workout! (1.0)
S: 6 mile route, untimed, felt pretty smooth (0.75)

SWIM: 3x/2.5
BIKE: 1x/0.75
WEIGHTS: 3x/2.5
CARDIO: 4x/3.0
RUN: 16 miles
TOTAL TIME: 8.5 hours


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